You’re only human…learn from it and move on…

Sometimes we forget everyone is different and not everyone is going to connect with you how you imagine.

In my overeagerness to build community and to find my tribe, I may have burned a bridge or two. Inadvertently, I failed to see boundaries , red flags, and I ignored my instincts.

This is the complexity of my journey to heal from trauma, negative experiences, unlearn and relearn healthier coping mechanism and behaviors etc.

I have learned that isolating when going through difficult times is not healthy and I have also learned that you can’t expect more than what people are willing to give. I want to learn how to meet people where they are…

I have learned that I can trust my instincts again because every time I have ignored them, I got burned…

I have learned that my view of community, collaboration, friendship is my own and it may differ from others.

I have learned to forgive myself when I make mistakes because I am human and I come from a loving place.

I have learned that I can leave my door open, but I can’t expect anyone to walk through it and that’s ok.

I know my journey to live a healthier life, surrounded by amazing individuals is worth the fight…no turning back to that dark place of solitude I used to call home.

Design By Artist Katie Doucette

Speak up!

Speak up even when you’re scared

Speak up even when the expressions on their faces change

Speak up even when your stomach churns

Speak up while your hands shake

Speak up as your heart thumps

Speak up because every time you don’t, someone speaks for you

Speak up because you matter, you are valued, loved, and deserve to be heard

Speak up for those who are not able/ready to speak up for themselves

Like I was.

I dream of the day all women unite and empower each other to be the best version of themselves.

S. Fuentes

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