Speak up!

Speak up even when you’re scared

Speak up even when the expressions on their faces change

Speak up even when your stomach churns

Speak up while your hands shake

Speak up as your heart thumps

Speak up because every time you don’t, someone speaks for you

Speak up because you matter, you are valued, loved, and deserve to be heard

Speak up for those who are not able/ready to speak up for themselves

Like I was.

I dream of the day all women unite and empower each other to be the best version of themselves.

S. Fuentes

Author: Steph.Ftz

This page will be a safe place for anyone who visits. My goal is to capture important concepts I have learned in my journey so self-discovery and love. This process has been both taxing and liberating, painful and exhilarating. I will do my best to be authentic when I write and as vulnerable as I'm comfortable with; we have to remember that sometimes we have to take care of ourselves. It is okay to say, when something is too much to handle. I encourage any visitor I may attract to reflect on what you read through journaling or having conversations with someone you feel safe with. Feel free to send me topic suggestions and or your reponses to my posts.

2 thoughts on “Speak up!”

  1. I think this website is amazing and much needed in this world. Hate is a very easy emotion as was as jealousy and anger that all people face. I love this because it’s about empowering and lifting each other into glory. I hope all of you speak up and express yourself. We’re in this together! 💯❤️


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